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   If you are living with depression...anxiety...bipolar...

                                   we are here for you.

Your Not Alone

Letter from the Chair

From the beginning of the year we have seen unprecedented changes and challenges around the world, in our country and in our own homes. The Covid19 Pandemic, the deaths of our citizens, civil unrest, and the Black Lives Matter Movement has led us all to a place where we question our leaders, and sometimes even ourselves.

If you are like me, you have experienced anxiety, worry and depression. I
have tried to make sense of it all and I can’t. Without ignoring our problems, I have chosen to focus on our positive attributes. I have been reminded by friends that we must take care of ourselves and each other and we will get through this together.

I want you to know that we at Mental Health Peer Services believe that Black Lives Matter; all Lives have intrinsic and irreplaceable value. We are here to serve the needs of all people in Tarrant County that reaches out to us for help.

Michael Cox

Welcome.... Thank you for coming to our site.

As you know we are all facing difficult challenges as we have to adapt to the COVID-19 Corona Virus outbreak. 

We must limit close contacts for our wellbeing and for that of our

families, friends, and neighbors.  Please follow the guidelines and keep informed as this is an evolving situation. 

Our groups are suspended at all locations till further notice.

However, we are conducting support groups on-line via Zoom.

In order to access the on-line groups, please click on the INFO/CONTACT tag and fill out the Info sheet.  Make sure you list your Email address so that our leaders may invite you to the group.  Once you indicate which group you want to attend, list your email and complete the Info Sheet it is then forwarded to our secure site.  You will be contacted by our Staff and be invited by one of our leaders to attend the on-line support groups. 

Your email information will be held in confidence.

We are available to you by phone or text or email.

You can reach us @ (817) 500-8660 for Phone or Text.

You can also reach us at our email addy - mhpsogfw@gmail.com.

My client was starting over in the community, thanks MHPS for buying her a new bed.”  Case Manager  2020


About Us

Mary Lou is a great group leader.”  K.  2019

Michael Cox

Chairperson of MHPSOGFW Peer Board 


Tommy Higgs

MHPSOGFW Director of Peer Services


Thank you for stepping up to keep groups going when we needed it.”  B.  2019


“My electricity was turned off and they helped me get my electricity turned on.”  L.  2020

Services provided are :

  • Weekly Peer Support Groups
  • Peer Mentoring - Wellness Plans
  • Outreach - Face to Face..by Telephone..by Social Media..by teleconferencing..Wellness checks
  • Assistance to peers seeking and obtaining employment
  • Assistance to peers for basic needs such as housing, household items, food, clothing, gas, transportation
  • Training for Peers
  • Community Outreach/Partnership to advance services


Benefits of Peers Services:


Mental Health Peer Services offers anyone seeking help to easily find and connect with helpful peer
support groups, individual peers, or peer mentors via our secure mobile or web video chat
Studies have shown that peer support can deliver a reduction in hospital readmissions and visits
to the ER, and reduce severity of conditions such as depression, which can lead to significant
improvements in the quality of life.
Our trusted platform enables peers to connect anonymously and securely. Get and give help in
a low-stress, accepting and understanding environment.
Our screening tools, evidence-based peer programs, and facilitator quality ratings ensure that
peer support facilitators, and participants provide the highest level of peer support quality.


“They were there for me when I needed help.”   R.  2019

Just as you are unique...We are a unique Organization.

What makes our Organization ...Mental Health Peer Services of Greater Fort Worth (mhpsogfw) So unique and different than most any type organization is that it was:

  • Created by persons living with depression, anxiety, bipolar and other mood disorders...A Peer.
  • Created for persons who are living with depression, anxiety, bipolar and other mood disorders...A Peer.
  • Created as a Consumer Operated Peer Service Program/Provider.  We are a Peer Run organization...Which means we are administratively controlled, governed and operated 100 % by mental health consumers....Peers.

As Peers we have been there ... and are there.  As Peers...We have Mental Health challenges ... and as Peers We can have Behavioral Health challenges - Addiction.  But...We are NOT our Illness. Theses challenges Do Not define Us.  We are Gifts to Life, to Ourselves and to Each Other.  Every Day we are working on obtaining and maintaining our Wellness in Recovery.

MHPSOGFW emphasize self-help as our organizational approach. 

Our Misson: To empower people with lived experience of mental health challenges to achieve recovery.

Our Values: Hope, Compassion, Respect, Dignity, Choice, Empowerment, Education, Personal Responsibility.

Our Ethics: We will provide services to Peers, Consumers, and families with professionalism, dignity, honesty and integrity.  We will be transparent in everything we do.  All documentation and financial information will be available to all upon request within seven business days.

We do not discriminate in our services or employment practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, veteran status, age, or sexual orientation. 

Our Services

Our services are provided for 


Trinity Springs

Fort Behavioral Health



Mesa Springs



Our Community Partnerships

Wellbridge Healthcare

Mental Health Connection

MHMR Tarrant County